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about us
In August 2010 the Bookworm relocated to 44 Chau Long St (in the Hanoi Cooking Centre complex)
The Bookworm opens into the HCC café courtyard and is now a bookshop and book-cafe

We are open every day from 9 am to 7 pm. Of course we close for important holidays such as Christmas and Tet

The Bookworm is owned and actively managed by young Vietnamese national. Hoang Van Truong. Truong is an avid reader, has a wide knowledge of English language books, is a great traveler, tennis player, bike rider and is a fluent English speaker. His Australian foster parents assist as literary advisors and occasional shop assistants

The Bookworm was established in August 2001 by author Pam Scott as a book exchange for expat readers of English language books. It was in Ngo Van So Street and is now a Red Apron wine shop.

Truong bought the business in 2006 and when the rent was increased by 300% in 2008, quickly moved the business to Yen The Street. In 2010 the location was sold for re-development and Truong accepted an invitation from the Hanoi Cooking Centre to move to their complex.
The Bookworm has over 10,000 books in stock (click onto books in stock)
At present our customer base comprises about 30% Vietnamese, 40% expat, and 30% travelers.

The management staff speaks fluent English and junior staff has had English language training. Management staff are always available should requests not be comprehended

We pay our staff above average salaries and value their honesty and loyalty
The Bookworm actively supports several charitable organizations. These include the Xa Me Humanitarian Program, the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, various eye operation programs for disadvantaged children , Agent Orange causes, and provides scholarships to Hanoi Agriculture University for students from poor rural backgrounds

Yes, we do plan to open Bookworms in other locations in Hanoi and nationally but this is dependent on our supply of second hand books. We believe that to operate well we need at least 10,000 books in each location… if any readers know of a good English language used book store in any place in the world, please inform us and we’ll scoot off to investigate its possibilities.
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